Good Litter Tray Maintenance

Cats will consistently use a litter box, if it is kept scrupulously clean, and if the litter is not scented or p15unpleasant to the cats’ feet. Carefully maintaining your cat’s litter box will almost guarantee you that you will not be faced with litter tray avoidance problems.

If your cat suddenly starts urinating outside the box despite your careful maintenance, you should immediately suspect a urinary tract or other problem, and make an appointment with your vet.

Veterinary Treatment


Although cats may quickly recover from minor illnesses, they can just as quickly die if an emergency isn’t recognised. Cats need certain vaccinations, they need annual examinations, and they definitely need and deserve immediate veterinary care when they become sick or injured. Make sure your cat is registered with your local veterinary surgery.

Your Cat is a Member of the Family


As a cat lover, you’ll soon find that we commonly refer to our cats as family members, rather than “pets.” While cats may legally be considered “property” in some jurisdictions, the term ends there. You can no more “own” a cat than you can own another human being. If you haven’t worked out the distinction by now, your new cat will certainly let you know. In fact, many cat lovers describe themselves as being owned by their cats!

Allowing a Cat to Be a Cat

p6Remember that a cat is not a child, and a cat is not a dog. Cats’ unique ways make them the p18endearing creatures they are. On the other hand, some of their traits may cause frustration because we may not understand their needs. Cats instinctively seek out high places and sharpen their claws because they are cats, not because they are stubborn and disobedient. Our job is to understand and to accommodate those needs in acceptable ways, such as making sure they have enough toys, scratching posts and multi level resting places as they need.


Cats do not have nine lives and there are many everyday things that pose serious danger to them. We have listed a few of these below:

p12Water Butts

Please keep your water butts securely covered, there have been reports of cats falling into the water and being drowned as they were unable to get out.

Toilet Seats Down! & Empty the Bath


It is important to keep the toilet seat down as cats are attracted by the water and can drown in your toilet bowl. This poses a particular danger to kittens who have sadly been known to drown in a few inches of water.



Garden Fountains

Please be careful not to put anti freeze into ornamental fountains over the winter period. Cats are attracted by  the smell and there have been reports of cats being poisoned by drinking the water.

Lilies and Daffodils


Even when consumed in very small amounts, lilies and daffodils can cause life-threatening kidney failure in cats. The lily pollen, in particular, can pose a serious threat if your cat brushes against it or gets it on her paws as the pollen drops and she then washes their fur.

Be sure you know exactly what is included in your floral arrangements and keep lilies out of the house if you have a cat.

String and Blu-tak

Cats love to swallow things that are stringy. However, they can get caught in cats’ intestines and can require p3emergency surgery or can even tear their intestines. Keep stringy office supplies stored in drawers in tightly sealed containers. Dispose of used dental floss in lidded wastebins and keep a close eye on your pets when you open or wrap gifts.

Blu-tak, used to put up posters etc. can also pose a danger to your pet if it is swallowed. It is likely to cause vomiting and diarrhoea.

Heavy Objects


Cats love to climb and investigate, and have no concept of danger when they are chasing each other. It is therefore extremely important that heavy objects such as TVs and microwaves are properly secured, as they have been known to cause the death of a cat by falling onto them.


Picture14Never leave out or give human medication to your cat. They have a different physiology to humans and a small dose could kill them. Make sure it is kept in a secure container and put in a cupboard, out of the reach of your pets and children.