Sponsored Challenges

You can get involved by holding a sponsored challenge. Whether it is a walk, sponsoredsilence, swim, gym circuit, shaving your head or possibly giving up something you enjoy, just let us know the details and we will provide you with our sponsor form with all your event details on it. Just let us know by calling 01580 241632 or by email at


Collection Tins and Food BinsDSCN0355

If there is anyone out there who can help us by placing a collection tin in a local shop or workplace, or even a supermarket that would be willing to place a food bin in its store for customers to use, or even to act as a collecting point for food in your community, please contact Ruth  at or Telephone 01580 241632. Every little counts – thank you.

Cat Beds and BlanketsDSCN0358

If anyone has any equipment they would like to donate, from litter trays and cat beds, through to towels and blankets,  they would be gratefully received. Please contact Ruth on 01580 241632 or email us at


badgeVolunteers are the lifeblood of any organisation such as ours. Without them many healthy cats would not survive. Involvement can be from a couple of hours on an irregular basis at one of our or your own fund-raising events, collecting saleable items, delivering donated food or running a bootfair stall for us, to many more as a cat whisperer or fosterer.

If you think you can help, please contact Ruth on:  01580 241632 or email us at


Saleable Items

All sorts of things can be used to sell at our fundraising events throughout the area. To contact us please email with your address and telephone number and we will contact you to arrange collection, or for you to drop them off with our nearest volunteer.

Spend and Raise

pound sign

If you purchase goods through the internet why not check out shopping through our Spend and Raise link on the links page. One of the local voluntary organisations has teamed up with many leading internet retailers and they give them a commission on all sales made through this link – all at no extra cost to you.

Before shopping always use  SpendAndRaise